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            Would you drive a 70 year old car on a super highway?  And yet we’re living with a 70 year old Social Security system that we’re driving into our retirement years.  How will this antiquated program affect the way we live a quarter of our lives without a paycheck?  It is shocking to learn how the decisions we make regarding employment, marriage, or divorce affect our Social Security benefits.

Did you know Social Security...

LEARN about Social Security Issues that Can Affect You!

VIEW the Living Smart”  video, a presentation of Houston PBS.  Award-winning host, Patti Gras, interviews Laury Adams, Independent Financial Resource Consultant & Divorce Mediator.

In this compelling interview, Laury Adams reveals the costly mistakes people make when they fail to plan wisely for their Social Security benefits.  Using real-life examples, Adams exposes the vulnerability of caregivers in our system, most often women, who give up paid employment to be with children or aging parents and who tend to work for lower salaries. (26 min. video)

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TAKE ACTION NOW in this 10x10 Campaign for INFORMED REFORM in Social Security Give this information to 10 others.  Distribute the flyer; email; blog; submit your story to YOU tube, write letters to publications, radio, television stations.

URGE our leaders to appoint a  Bipartisan Commission to first revise the outdated social structure that is so inappropriate for our current lifestyles and employment  patterns.  Then to plan for  fiscal solvency!


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