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Hello, Friends,

               Thank you for visiting this web site.  The Adams’ Mediation & Financial Resource Center in Houston, Texas is a business I started in 1979 to assist people in handling the most challenging matters inherent in every-day living—managing money and dealing with conflict.  The purpose is to provide valuable information and teach essential skills that empower individuals to successfully manage their finances and structure effective relationships. 

               There have never been any financial products sold through this business.  The focus is on coaching to help individuals make decisions that produce their intended outcomes.  

                 My academic background and professional experience enables me to offer a variety of services that are customized to my clients’ needs.   This web site has been created so you can refer to the area of your specific interest


Your success is my business,
          Laury Adams





Social Security
Watch Video - Social Security Truths on Houston PBS "Living Smart"
     Sample letter to your members of Congress

Playing the Money Game
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            "Manage your investments like the "pros"
            "Four "never to be broken" rules for investing
            "Smart shopping for an annuity
            "Don't let your real estate investment fall into a "black hole"
            "Encourage financial independence in your young adult children

"Managing Credit/Debt
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            "Winning At The Credit Game"

Confronting Divorce
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            "Damage Control During Divorce"
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